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Yoga Healing

It’s about recharging your batteries. Your batteries are recharged with positive energy through personal healings, yoga and meditation. The healings can be very supportive in cases of stress, burnout, depression, sleep or anxiety disorders, physical ailments, general illnesses (unless they are genetic!), wrongly awakened Kundalini energy or simply in letting go of old mental burdens.

For therapists, the healings can be extremely helpful in increasing their own energy potential in therapy. Our aim is not complicated contortions, but to achieve an optimal success of the healings through relaxation.

On Saturday and Sunday Saraath will give personal sessions during the day. Each participant is entitled to receive a healing on both days.

There will be other yoga and meditation classes held at the retreats by enthusiastic guest teachers, so you can get a taste of different styles of yoga/meditation. In the morning the focus is more on movement and in the afternoon on total relaxation. Participation in all classes is included in the price and always voluntary. The first yoga class in the morning and the evening meditation/group healing will be given by Yogi Saraath Chandra.