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Distant Meditation

Tratak is an eye-cleansing exercise and meditation technique or preliminary exercise for concentration, which aims to achieve single-pointedness (Ekagrata) of the mind by staring at a fixed point.

This exercise calms the restless mind, increases attention and eventually leads to sharpest concentration on one point. Wherever the eyes wander, the mind follows, so that when staring at a single point, the mind is also involved. Although Tratak primarily strengthens your concentration and purifies the mind, it also improves vision and invigorates the brain through the optic nerves.

By staring at the point between the eyebrows – seat of the “third eye” (above) – or at the tip of the nose (below), you not only strengthen your concentration but also your eye muscles. One minute of staring is enough to start with, but you can then extend this to ten minutes. Do not strain your eyes; if they become tired or painful, close them immediately.

Staring at the forehead awakens Kundalini, staring at the tip of the nose influences the central nervous system.

Tratak Yoga to be practised every Friday with the yogi Saraath Chandra.