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Kundalini Awakening

Have you always wanted to go to India for your spiritual advancement? You don’t even have to travel that far. Experience it here in the heart of Europe.

In February 2018, Yogi Saraath Chandra gave his students the opportunity to participate in a Kundalini Awakening Retreat with him for the first time. The number of places on the Kundalini Awakening Retreats is limited, so early registration is recommended.

The aim of this retreat is to open the chakras (major & minor chakras). Saraath, as an awakened yogi, is able to bring about such an opening in others through joint meditation and an energy activation of the participants’ chakras. He uses his own power as a completely chakra-open yogi. The chakras of the retreat participants can and should open up to 100% in the course of the 2-day Kundalini Awakening Retreat!
And those who continue to meditate regularly afterwards can also maintain this state.