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Saraath was born in 1957, in village called Inginiyagala, near the city of Ampara in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. During his teenage years, he practiced Karate for over 10 years and became a black belt.

Afterwards, he started his life long journey with yoga, meditation, yogic healing, and pranayama. His professional career started in 1998, after more than 20 years of practicing yoga and meditation.

Saraath honed his yoga skills under the guidance of Swami Jyothy Mayanandan, as well as developing his meditation techniques with the Sri Lankan guru, Jayasuiya.

Saraath is a follower of the Hatha yoga system as taught by sage Maharishi Pathanjali. However, he has developed his own distinctive style and methods over the course of his career.


Before and alongside his professional career, Saraath has always been involved with volunteer work, teaching yoga and meditation at his local community temples and churches. Saraath has also taught yoga and meditation to private clients in Sri lanka . He has also taught at the Hilton Hotels, The Ayurveda Pavilions, Kudo Daido Juku martial art school, and at the Kuruvira prison in Sri Lanka. Saraath has over 15 years of experience teaching at various retreats in Sri Lanka and Europe to German, Danish and Japanese participants.

Saraath has lived and worked most of his life in Sri Lanka. He currently resides in Denmark.